This is one that I, as well as you know would NOT be done by a black mother. A 15yr-old in California was found to be selling marijuana out of her bedroom.

This isn't the icing on the cake, but her mom gave it to her. Now doesn't that beat all.

When you talk about a 'Cool Mom' this mom's picture would come to mind. The only problem is that besides letting her daughter sell weed out of her bedroom she also had an AK-47 in the house.

The police found over 80 pounds of pre-packaged bags of marijuana, scales and other drug paraphernalia, and 12 large marijuana plants in a makeshift green house in the backyard.

Needless to say, this 'Cool Mom' will be cooling out in jail for quite a while and the daughter will be a ward of the state.

As I said, this couldn't be a Black mom, at least one I know of....

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