There is one thing about me; I’m going to find some unique Airbnb’s for my family and friends. I don’t know; maybe Google is on my side for trolling and scrolling.

Here is a great Airbnb that is less than 3 hours away from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If you love to read or have someone in the crew that does, this place is PERFECT for your visit.

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You can unplug and catch up on your reading in this getaway. Click here to check it out.

Avid Reader’s Dream Airbnb in Mentone, Alabama.

 You can have a retreat and recharge at this serene studio library retreat while diving into a classic novel.

Hartselle, Alabama Perfect Cottage Hideaway

Need to escape from it all? This perfect cottage hideaway is a perfect getaway right here in Alabama.

Tiny House Paradise located Riverside in Fosters, Alabama

Fall in Love on the River at this Foster, Alabama Tiny House

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Smith Lake Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Smith Lake Home 

Stay in This Perfectly Nostalgic Lake Tuscaloosa 1960s Motel

This Airbnb Is Far Out 

Glamorous Escape Awaits at this Smith Lake, Alabama Cottage

Dream of Money Moves in This Historic 1926 Alabama Bank Vault

New Market, Alabama, is right outside of Huntsville, Alabama. This 1926 Alabama Bank Vault makes for a unique and impressive experience, and it is only two and half hours away from Tuscaloosa. 

Top 20 Safest Alabama Cities

Take time to find out where your city ranks on the safest Alabama cities list. 

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