If you've visited the Wireless Advantage in Essex Square Marketplace or Locklear Dodge locations within the last year, you might want to get a quick credit report done to make sure none of your information has been used fraudulently.

According to Northport police, for the past year, they have been investigating three women who are now former employees of Wireless Advantage in Essex Square Marketplace  for trafficking stolen identities and first degree theft.

The situation came to light, when the director of sales at Wireless Advantage in Essex Square Marketplace did his own investigation in January 2016 and then turned the information over to police.

Allegedly, the three local women received personal details on the victims from a group of men who obtained them from a sales associate at Locklear Dodge. The women then used that information  to make fictitious accounts and sold phones back to the men.

Their small town scheme went into smokes this week when the director of sales at Wireless Advantage in Essex Square Marketplace scheduled a meeting at a hotel. All employees came, including the three suspects and Northport police. He made everyone put their phone in a box before the meeting began. During the meeting, the women were questioned by police and told the truth about their actions. When investigators searched their phones, they found 267 potential victims. So far, they've contacted 74 of those people.

The three women were then charged with first degree theft, and trafficking stolen identities. They have all since been released on bond.


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