You don't like the legal changes being discussed concerning abortions? Stop having sex.

Uhhh, come again?

You read that right (and the pun was definitely intended). That's exactly what actress Alyssa Milano is proposing. In response to abortion bans passed by Republican-controlled legislatures, Milano called for women to stop having sex until the control of one's body is up to herself.

Great cause, but uhhh..... Can we come up with another strike?

7 Things Better than Sex (to Strike)

1. Combing our hair. Nothing says it has to be unclean or unhealthy, just unkempt.

2. Heels. Truth be told, men love to see professional women in dresses and heels. Enough days with everybody in flats, and they'll be miserable enough to listen.

3. Bras. Many of us hate putting them on anyway.

4. Shapewear. Well, after bras, what else gives the female body a pleasant shape for her clothes? Let the men see the popped can of biscuits. All the lumps and the bumps. Again, better than giving up sex.

5. Makeup. Sure, Alicia Keys has led the way in this one, attempting to free women from the beauty standards imposed by the media, but bland faces EVERY day? Yeah, lawmakers will want to listen to a remedy. And again, it's definitely better than giving up sex.

6. Pedicures. Oh, you can still have sex. Just make sure he feels that dry heel up against his skin. He'll be begging you to "fix" your body in no time.

7. Shaving. And it's getting hot and the sleeves are coming off too!?!?

These are all things we go through to make ourselves aesthetically pleasing, things about our bodies which we control. They're probably easier to get women to agree upon.

After all, the only people who'll agree to a sex strike are those who aren't enjoying the sex they're having. Hardly a point made in giving up something you don't like anyway.

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