For those who don't observe Easter, here's another holiday in which you can fully participate (unless you're lactose intolerant).

Today is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

Here's how one restaurant operator described the perfect grilled cheese sandwich:

“A perfect grilled cheese has to have a super crispy exterior, brushed with garlic oil. Lots of melty cheese in the center. Thick cut, handmade bread is a must!”

Would you agree? Is just the bread, cheese, and oil enough?  Do you take the simple route and just toast buttered bread with cheese in between? Is there anything else you'd add?

A preferred bread?  Any cheese you like over others?

Some swear that grilled cheese sandwiches are best accompanied by tomato soup.  Others say that chili is the best side.

Now, if you're country (and there's nothing wrong with that), you might like a bit of syrup as a drizzle.  A side of meat-- often placed INSIDE --might be the most common accessory to a grilled cheese sandwich.

What are your favorite items to eat with a grilled cheese sandwich? And what are the ingredients you MUST HAVE for yours?

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