Let's go back to 2019. LSU came to town holding the number 1 ranking in the nation. Alabama looked ready to knock the Tigers off the pedestal.

Unfortunately for us, the game ended in the Tigers victorious 46-41. We all felt bad after that loss, but one person certainly was reveling in Tide fans' sorrows.

You all might know him. He's the soon-to-be former head coach of the Tigers, Ed Orgeron.

Here's his exact wording by the way:

"We gonna beat their *** in recruiting. We’re gonna beat their *** every time they see us. You understand that? Roll Tide what? **** You!"

Well, you know the saying about writing checks that you can't cash.

The next year, Alabama flipped the switch and demolished LSU 55-17. In Death Valley. At Night.

The time when LSU is supposed to be undefeatable.

We move on to the present day. Orgeron will be leaving LSU at the end of the year, and the comments we mentioned previously we brought up:

Do you mean to tell me you meant no disrespect? How does one NOT mean disrespect for comments like that?

What's really funny to me is how he couldn't even back up his statements. Case and point, he'd possibly still be at the helm of the program if he hadn't said these things.

But unfortunately for him, the disrespect was felt. All-round.

Those words buzzed around in fans, players, coaches, and the media. And heck, he even said he was coming up to Tuscaloosa to eat this year.

One thing is for certain when the game starts...all bets are off. If he's coming up to eat, maybe humble pie could be on the menu.

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