Are you one of those people who Google every symptom you get? My daughter is like that and every time she looks up her symptoms, she's more afraid than before she looked her symptoms up!  We all know we should not Google our symptoms when we are feeling sick.  Whatever diagnosis it tells you is probably going to be wrong and totally freak you out as it does my daughter every time!

A new study looked at the symptoms that people in every state Googled the most last year.  As you look at the study, you'll see that different States look up different things but one thing a lot of States do have in common is that they look up, it's stress! Here's a few results bein different states.


1.  Wisconsin   "light colored poop."

2.  Mississippi   "gas."

3.  Idaho    "symptoms of E. coli."

4.  Nebraska    "signs of low testosterone."

5.  New Mexico    phlegm

6.  South Carolina    "dark green stool."

7.  Indiana   "uncircumcised problems."

8.  Alabama     "Acid reflux"

Several people look up different colored poop as well! To read more, Click here.