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Wildlife experts from Alabama and Georgia, are warning that the Joro spider is quickly moving through the Southeast.

It's already here. I encountered one in Tuscaloosa, Alabama a few weeks ago, and it was the largest spider these eyes have ever seen..

Photo: DC/Townsquare Media
Photo: DC/Townsquare Media

Yes, that is the spider I encountered, on a balcony at an apartment complex in Tuscaloosa.

I was looking at various places to live and I also captured a video of this creature below.


@ikedaniel7This spider is ridiculous…horror movie♬ original sound - Dallas

*TikTok video courrtesy of Ike Daniel/Townsquare Media Tuuscaloosa

Andy Davis is a scientist and researcher at the University Of Georgia/Odum School Of Ecology, and he claims we Alabamians need to "try to learn to live with them".


The onslaught of Joro spiders does have a tiny bit of good news.


Well, yeah they do.

However, they have little bitty fangs, according to entomologists, so defensive bites do not typically break a human beings skin.

This does lead to worries about our pets.

It's too early and the studies are just beginning but it does seem that a bite to a dog or cat (no matter the size) could lead to illness or death.

The jury is still out on this matter, however.


Research indicates the arachnid first showed up in Atlanta, Georgia.

Most likely in a fruit shipment.

It spread, quickly, on our vehicles and through the air on silk strands.

Through the air? From Atlanta?

This is why I HATE SPIDERS.

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