Your weekend will never be the same. Be sure you tune into the Greg Mack Show right here on 92.9 WTUG every Saturday night starting at 9 pm until Sunday at 2 am.

Greg and his crew will be mixing up the best R&B hits and classics to make sure your weekend is filled with fun. The Greg Mack Show features Michael “DJ Shy” Cabrera and Connie Breeze, all produced by DJ Divine.

Riding around West Alabama or hosting a game night at the crib, the Greg Mack Show can provide your soundtrack. You can also request songs to be played in the mix too. Just open up the FREE WTUG app and use the chat with us feature.

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Greg Mack is one of the most transformational figures in Radio! Known mostly for creating what is today called the “Rhythmic” Format, a format heard worldwide, Greg has also helped launch some of the biggest names in music. Greg is also working on his forthcoming book as well. I’m sure that is going to be filled with such interesting music industry stories.

Lovingly referred to as the Godfather of Hip Hop radio, Greg is most notably known for breaking Hip Hop Groups such as NWA, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Tone Loc, M.C. Hammer, LL Cool J, Young MC, JJ Fad, Big Daddy Kane, Fresh Prince(Will Smith), Queen Latifah, along with Freestyle Artists Debbie Deb, Trinere, Lisa, Lisa & Cult Jam, and so many others, Greg is signed with the Konwiser Brothers who are filming a documentary about him.

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