Remember when the topic of blocking TikTok was all over the news?  Children across the U.S. freaked completely out, and adults who were just becoming acquainted with the app saw it as having a new joy giver taken away.

But let’s be real here, we all have some things that take a bit more of our attention than they should.  For some, it’s online shopping.  For others, it’s video games.  For a vast majority, it’s the various platforms of social media.

Many families have implemented a technology-free dinner, where phones are not allowed.  This gives the family the opportunity to talk and bond without distraction.

However, that may be a bit extreme for some.  Sometimes, sitting down for a meal is the first time parents get to unwind after a long day at work, and sharing things seen on social media is a way some families bond.

But there’s help for those families who want to keep dinner time sacred.  The system recently sent an email detailing a service which would block TikTok (and other apps usually used by children) at particular user-set times.

The program called Bark is said to monitor content and send out alerts from apps and social media platforms from signs of issues like cyberbullying, online, predators and violence.  It also manages screen time and filters websites including streaming services and online gaming.

Those interested in using Bark may try it for free for seven days and may continue to use it at a 20% discount with a provided promo code.  So, parents with children in the Tuscaloosa City Schools, be sure to check your email for more information.

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