Just hours ahead of an anti-gun violence rally, the Tuscaloosa Police Department reports that a 24-year-old man was shot early Saturday morning.

It is said that a group of women were fighting before gunfire started. The victim was in a parking lot in an area near Greensboro Avenue near 1-359.

While there are no identified suspects in the case, it is under investigation. The Tuscaloosa Police Department is seeking help in the case.

Though the victim's injury is said to be non life-threatening, there is still work to be done to decrease the rate of instances in our community.

In addition to the value for human life, the importance of one's own life (which is practically given away when a suspect commits a violent act against another) should be emphasized, and anger management is a significant factor in curbing shootings.

Anyone with information on the shooting Saturday morning is encouraged to contact the Tuscaloosa Police Department.  Those willing to take part of the responsibility to curb gun violence should join community activists and organizations at the anti-gun violence rally at Crescent East Apartments.

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