Over the past few days, numerous Tuscaloosa residents have reported vehicle break-ins.  One has even reported a vehicle stolen!

According to Tuscaloosa Police, a campaign has been running , encouraging residents to take more care in securing their belongings.  An estimated 1,000 vehicles have been broken into this year, of which roughly 75% of those had doors left unlocked.

In addition, more vehicular thefts are being reported as a result of people leaving their cars running, unattended.

Lt. Teena Richardson with the Tuscaloosa Police Department says some of the smallest measures to take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim or at least decreasing the likelihood of being so include making sure doors and windows are secure and removing valuable items from plain view.

An added note: Don’t leave firearms in the car.  Whether vehicles are locked or not, it’s never a good idea to leave a firearm in a vehicle, as that’s one item you DEFINITELY don’t want stolen.

Be smart, be safe, and understand that as much as we want to see Tuscaloosa as “Mayberry,” it’s not. Lock your doors!

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