A Tuscaloosa resident is suing the city in an effort to stop a proposed shopping center that could be going up in her neighborhood.

Susie Smith says that the construction of a possible future Springbrook Shopping center could devalue her Springbrook home.

Developers say that they want to convert 23 of Springbrook’s existing lots into a 4 building, 44,000-square-foot retail center. The area for the planned construction is located just off of McFarland Boulevard between Albright Road and Seventh Avenue East.

Smith told The Tuscaloosa News“Tuscaloosa neighborhoods, especially neighborhoods where families and individuals of moderate means make their home, should be protected from commercial development. For the Tuscaloosa City Council and Mayor Maddox to rezone part – or all – of a viable neighborhood such as Springbrook from residential to commercial for no valid reason, for no reason that serves the public interest, is not only inappropriate but callous.”

Smith, in her lawsuit, is asking the court to declare the rezoning void while granting compensatory damages and court costs.

Should they or shouldn't they build this shopping center? I say, "No". Especially when you have the old McFarland Mall which has been sitting there idle for YEARS. And what should be done with the old McFarland Mall? Well, I have some ideas which you can check out HERE 

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