(Not the photo from the site.)

Update:  According to Aliceville Chief of Police Tonnie Jones, the skeleton was not real.  As a matter of fact, it is said to be something like a discarded plastic Halloween decoration.


We usually wait for the word from a public official or a respectable news source to share certain news, but in this case, nobody's saying anything. So, we'll have to roll like this... Rumor has it...

According to messages circulating by text and Messenger, the skeleton of a human has allegedly been uncovered at a lumber yard in Aliceville.

We are not at liberty to share the photo that is circulating, and so far, the identity has not been revealed. However, there are few unsolved missing persons cases in the area. This does not mean the deceased was a local resident, as it could have been a body dumped there after being taken from somewhere else.  If in fact there really is a body, and the deceased is identified, it will provide closure for a family on the search for a missing loved one.

Of course, we're keeping our eyes and ears on this story, and as official news emerges, we'll keep you posted.

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