Each week, the governing bodies in the City of Tuscaloosa hold meetings to discuss municipal business. Before the entire council convenes, various committees meet to discuss certain topics.

The following are a few of the topics to be discussed today.

Public Projects Committee

  • Approval of small public works contract with ST Bunn Construction Company for installation of speed table on 40th Ave.

Finance Committee

  • Authorization for the City of Tuscaloosa to submit an application on behalf of The University of Alabama for the ATRIP II Program.
  • Water and Sewer Reserve for Future Improvements budget revision No. 5.
  • Tuscaloosa Public Library 2021 Agency funding presentation.

City Council

  • Mayor Maddox will present a proclamation declaring the week of September 27 through October 3, 2020 to be “Family Week.”

Public Hearings on the following:

  • Approving the ABC application of 508 Red Drew LLC for an alcohol license at Hoppers Corner
  • Bar; 508 Red Drew Ave.; 35401:
  • 20-040 Lounge Retail Liquor —Class I license. P51
  • Approving the ABC application of Southern Food Management, Inc. for an alcohol license
  • Southern Food Management, Inc.; 920 Bryant Dr.; Suites West 6A, 66, 6E and 6F; 35487:
  • 20-039 Special Retail — more than 30 days license. P52
  • Ordering demolition of the structure at 2805 Short 20th Street. P53
  • Ordering demolition of the structure at 1900 TY Rogers, Jr. Avenue. P54
  • Ordering demolition of the structure at 1016 19th Street. P55

Resolutions and ordinances not of a general nature or permanent operation:

  • Authorizing the Mayor to execute a right-of-way permit to 6th Street Development.
  • Authorizing a six month suspension in the payment of rent to the City of Tuscaloosa by Hawthorne Global Aviation Services LLC at the Tuscaloosa National Airport.
  • Authorizing the Mayor to execute an agency funding contract with Tuscaloosa City Schools Education Foundation for the Mayor' s Cup pre -k funds for calendar year 2020; total: 27,694.35.

City Council Agenda 2

  • Tentatively awarding a public works contract to One Call Services of Alabama LLC for the 2020 Lateral Repair Assistance Project; total: $223,902.
  • Authorizing a minor public works contract with ST Bunn Construction Company, Inc. for the 2020 Speed Calming Project; total: $5, 430.00.
  • Tentatively awarding a public works contract to Price Civil Services, Inc. for the 55th Street Waste Drainage Project; total: $149, 815.
  • Tentatively awarding a contract to Woodard' s Outdoor Service, LLC for as needed trash debris removal; total: not to exceed $ 250,000.00.
  • Approving, ratifying and confirming a joint funding agreement between the City of Tuscaloosa and the Tuscaloosa Road Improvement Commission.

Ordinances and resolutions of a general nature or permanent operation:

  • Amending Section 19- 65 of the Code of Tuscaloosa pertaining to assignment pay for fire fighters and police officers.
  • Authorizing the renaming of the Hilliard Fletcher Waste Water Treatment Plant_ to Hilliard Fletcher Water Resource Recovery Facility.
  • Reappointing members to the Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports Commission.

Agendas for each council committee meeting as well as the full Tuscaloosa City Council may be found by clicking here.

It is important to know what's going on in the city as well as how to navigate the systems of operation for all voices to be heard and for needs to be equally met.

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