Have you ever thought about how the world would be without you in it?

Many have wondered about that very question while searching for their life's purpose. So, it's not too uncommon to consider.

However, there is a difference between wondering how your presence brings about a change versus deciding that your absence will make things better. Unfortunately, the latter crosses the minds of many, and they make the choice to take their own lives.

Because September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, we're sharing the story of Alicia Sewell, who says she contemplated suicide but got the help she needed.

This is her story, but there are many others who can relate to that kind of depression and despair. When the world seems to be crumbling around you, and you can't seem to catch a break no matter how hard you try, you can become engulfed by the heat of depression to the degree that it seems as if escaping life is the only way to gain peace of mind.

At such times, just one phone call from a loved one or friend who cares can make a world of difference. Ask the tough questions: How are you? Do you need anything? Have you been resting well? Are you mentally strong?

There was once a time where youth suicide was practically a foreign thought. Yet, the suicide rate among young people is at a steady increase, according to WebMD. Luckily, in West Alabama, there's the Kristen Amerson Youth Foundation, which works to eradicate youth suicide.

Talk not only to your peers but also to your children. Get an accurate gauge on their mindsets and find help if necessary. Sometimes, medication can help, as was Ms. Sewell's case. But we'll never know what helps if we don't know what's wrong. Check on your loved ones, especially those who are seemingly strong.  You never know what burden they may carry. A talk with you may be just what's needed to bring them back from the brink of a breaking point.

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