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Outlined in this acronym is almost everything that comes to mind when you think of Tuscaloosa.

There's The Strip, located on the University of Alabama campus but enjoyed by students a locals alike.

University Mall, offering one of the biggest parking lots in the city and a few stores inside.

Saban. No explanation needed. There are phenomenal football coaches and then there's Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. (Like, the man has a full radio station dedicated to his existence! Click here to check it out.)

Capitol Park, the remnants of the old state capitol and most used site for local, personal photo shoots.

Archibald's BBQ... No explanation needed.  If you know, you just know!

Lake Lurleen is where locals go to put their feet in the sand, get out on the water without owning boats, do a little camping, and just enjoy the great outdoors... While driving less than an hour to get there.

And then, we get to the O's.... What's the first "O" to come to mind?

ORANGE CONES! (Hilarious!)

It's easy to complain about the constant state of construction, but it only takes a few minutes of thought to see this with optimism. Those orange cones mean we're progressing.  Sure, it may be at a slower rate than we'd expect (which was probably made even slower as an effect of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), but the fact remains that things often become worse before they get better.  So, we have a lot of greatness ahead!

Now, about the other O, S, and A... Oz Music STILL sells music in hard copies, Sokol Park is one of the most rural yet accommodating parks in the city, and Alabama Football reigns supreme!

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10 Things Only People from Tuscaloosa Know

10 Things Only People From Tuscaloosa Know





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