We are all living in trying times. For most of us, the threat of the unknown nature of the novel coronavirus has caused heightened concern. However, for service providers, the severity is a lot more alarming.

In addition to those who work in medical facilities, among the most at-risk service providers are teachers. Just as it is with their education, teachers are not responsible for what children do or where they go when they leave the schools’ premises. So, many were faced with very mixed emotions when school systems decided to return to in-person learning.

Granted, virtual learning presented its own set of challenges, including parents and other family members who had a hard time keeping in mind that the classroom was literally inside their homes; but most would argue that it is easier to gauge engagement with in-person learning.

Never the less, teachers are required to do their jobs just like everyone else. Of course, there are safety measures being taken to help prevent the contracting of COVID-19, but there are still concerns of the possibility of being exposed and taking home germs.

It’s amazing how far a small token of appreciation can go with a recipient. One of the best ways to get better performance out of any employee is to recognize the great work they’ve already done. Two local businesses are doing just that for area teachers.


Lanier Automotive and LP Services are gifting deserving educators each week. They are accepting nominations for recipients via social media. The full name of the teacher and their school is required.

As our teachers are responsible for the knowledge gained by the next generation of leaders, it is important that they know they’re appreciated and that their dedication is recognized.

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