I am not much of a hunter.

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I'm an animal lover, however.

Recently, a guy in Wilmer, Alabama captured some images on his camera system that are interesting. To say the least.

I've never seen anything like it.

Obviously, it has to happen in the natural way things work. I just have never seen it happen with my own eyes.

Captured just a couple nights ago in Wilmer, here it is.

May be an image of deer, tree and outdoors
Photo: Kenny Walker/Facebook

Well, when the mood strikes, sometimes you have to reach out and touch someone.

Only if they are ok with you touching them, of course.

I don't know if consent was given in this case. It seems very, very sudden.

Speaking of deer, can anyone identify the deer disease in this photo taken recently.

Photo: Kenny Walker
Photo: Kenny Walker

It seems absolutely awful.

Not sure what it is.

One more thing from our friend, Kenny Walker, in Wilmer.

Recently, Alabama officials warned all of us in Alabama about the dreaded fox and rabies they carry. This was caught on camera just last night in Alabama.

Be aware and be careful.

May be an image of outdoors
Photo: Kenny Walker/Facebook

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