five lanes

Drivers in Tuscaloosa are causing accidents that are very preventable and the Tuscaloosa Police said that they need to stop. 

I’m glad they are getting the word out, because this is a major pet peeve of mine when I’m driving on Mc Farland. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught in this situation with drivers who have good intentions, but are putting people in danger.

The five lanes can get really busy and it can be a bit of a wait to pull out into traffic sometimes. Often I’ll be that person waiting to pull out when someone in the right lane will stop to wave me through. I never go, because although the car in the right lane has stopped to let me go, there’s no guarantee that the car coming up in the left lane will do the same.

I’ve sometimes been the car coming up in the left lane too and have had to quickly hit the brakes to avoid someone pulling out that I never saw because the car in the right lane created a blind spot.

The Tuscaloosa police ask drivers not to stop to let traffic in. Traffic will eventually clear enough to allow it safely.


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