You never would have guessed that Alabama opened the season with a 37-point win over a Power 5 school by his attitude after the game. Before he told the media he was 'pissed' in his postgame press conference, television viewers were well aware after his interview with ESPN.

Sideline reporter Maria Taylor caught up with the coach after a 51-17 victory over Louisville and asked him what answers he got from his quarterbacks. We'll just let you watch the video to hear the response.

From Saban's perspective, he probably didn't feel like he was looking for any answers from his quarterbacks. He knew what he had when he walked into Camping World Stadium, but he could have handled the entire thing much better. After a second half full of penalties, he wasn't in a very cordial mood and it showed.

Maybe Taylor could have worded the question a little better but credit her for standing there and continuing the interview like nothing happened.

Did you have a problem with either side?

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