When looking to relocate, most municipalities have websites with information about every area asset.  Wouldn't it be amazing to get real-life info on the negative aspects as well?

Well, this video is a pretty accurate depiction of reasons people who aren't from Alabama might not want to move to the state.


Okay, first things first.  We're going to just sit here and pretend that a WHOLE syllable in Mississippi was bypassed by someone who claims Mississippi is worse than Alabama.  That's the first thing. Mississippi and Alabama aren't called "the twin states" only because they appear to mirror each other.  The political scenes, economies, and cultural landscapes of the states are quite similar.  However, it is almost certain that Mississippians of reasonable age can accurately pronounce "Alabama."  That obviously doesn't apply the other way around.

Nevertheless, I digress.

The fact that he listed "Birmingham" as a reason to not move to Alabama is hilarious yet thought-provoking.  When residents of smaller cities and rural towns travel to Birmingham for an active adult nightlife, shopping, and most other entertainment besides sports, but it's overshadowed by crime, that's a serious problem!


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