Old Nickelodeon game shows were my jam when I was a young Paradise. My parents couldn't stop me from watching basically all of them. But one certainly caught my attention of me and the Paradise family.

Legends of the Hidden Temple.

I can't tell you why it really it caught my attention, but I probably know one reason: the big temple run at the end of the show. I always wanted to run around in that big maze, minus the temple guards watching my every move because that considerably would make it less fun.

Simply put, it was a game show that was taken away too soon, and it's fun to go back and watch old episodes for the nostalgia and to always wonder...why was the shrine of the silver monkey so hard to put together? It was three pieces!

Imagine my surprise while I was scrolling around on social media when I saw a poster for a new Legends of The Hidden Temple series to begin in October. I was immediately excited, but also cautious. In the age we live in currently, I was worried that I was going be lied to again.

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But thankfully, as it turns out, this is a real thing that is happening.

So, I'm officially excited to feel the nostalgia once again. And this time it'll be adults screwing up in the temple run instead of kids. So now I'll be able to wonder why adults won't be able to put together a shrine made of three pieces.

Olmec, any parting words?

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