Over the weekend, I wanted a hot dog. It was like a scene from the movie “Legally Blonde.”

Please give me a Southern Slaw Dog, a Special dog from Gus Dogs in Birmingham, a dog from Chris’ Famous Hot Dogs in Montgomery, DC Ben’s Chili Bowl Dog, South Carolina Skin’s Hot Dog, a Polish Boy Hot Dog from Cleveland, Chicago Style Hot Dog, New York Style Hot Dog, and the list is endless.

Can you tell? I know my hot dogs. I believe this comes from my Dad, as he was a self-proclaimed aficionado of hot dogs. I can remember the magic he would create on the grill with hot dogs. At summer cookouts at my house, there was always a line waiting for them.

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So, this past weekend, I just wanted to travel down memory lane. To my discovery, in Tuscaloosa, the only options I had for hot dogs were Sonic, Cookout, and Rama Jama’s. All good choices, but I wanted to find a traditional hot dog stand or cart. Which brings me to my question:

Why are there no hot dog stands in Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

I think this type of business would do well in Tuscaloosa for many reasons, but I will narrow it down to my top 5.

#1 - Location: Football season, tailgating areas, and downtown Tuscaloosa.

#2 - If there are no other hot dog stands or carts, they would have the hot dog eating population.

#3 - Tuscaloosa is a melting pot of folks from different regions due to the University and other major employers.

#4 - Hot dogs fit well into the grab-and-go culture.

#5 - Profit margins.

If I have missed a great place to get a hot dog, please let me know. Click here to email me. I will be there when they open up.

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