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You all know I love my different surveys right, well this particular survey explains a lot!!  Lol, now guys, you have the perfect excuse for not wearing a tie to work now.

A new study in Germany scanned the brains of 30 men. Half of them wore neckties while they were being scanned, and half didn't. I would really like to know what made them do this survey in the first place!  Anyway, it was discovered that wearing a tie constricted the veins in their neck so much that it reduced blood flow to their brains by 7.5%

That's enough to slow down your brain's processing ability and in extreme cases, it could cause a Stroke!

The good news is you're probably fine as long as you don't wear your tie really tight for long periods of time.  Just loosening it a tiny bit should help you avoid any issues.

The guys in the study had to tighten their tie to the point of, quote, "slight discomfort."  So basically, if it's too tight, just loosen it!

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