Weather School For Kids Hosted By James Spann

Simply put, I love weather.  Therefore, I was so excited that James Spann hosted a Facebook Live on March 19, 2020, and offered a lesson in meteorology. According to Alabama WX, it is “geared primarily for those in grades 1-5, but older kids and adults will learn as well! Enjoy, learn some science, and get some laughs.”  You can click here to watch the video and/or bookmark it.

James Spann is the chief meteorologist at ABC 33 40, and of course, you can hear his hourly weather updates on our Townsquare Media radio stations.  James Spann is continuously involved with the community and visiting area schools.  Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, he has not been able to visit schools, and his Facebook live was a special treat for us all, including myself.  My father got me my first hurricane tracking map and even built a small weather wall, so I could track hurricanes and provide reports for my parents and my dog.  So, parents during the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused our schools to close.  Take some time to find out the passions your children might have.  Never know, it just could be the weather.

(Source) Click here for the full story from Alabama WX.

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