Here is a running list of damage reports in West Alabama, caused by the severe weather event taking place this week. (continuously updated)



7:19 pm Trees are down at Jones Camp Rd. Crew responding. Trees have been cleared for the following locations: Chandler Rd-Clear Mink Slide Rd-Clear Old Greensboro Rd-Clear Meyers Rd-Clear Whitfield Crossing at Old Greensboro-Clear South Rosser Rd. Blocked at Cutoff-Clear

7:18 pm Dallas County Update: AL 14 East of Selma roadway is clear. Burnsville area - trees and power lines down on Co Rd 80, Co Rd 83, and Co Rd 84.

6:57 pm Several flooded road in Walker County: Areas of Saragossa, Trinity Rd and Russell Dairy are under water.

6:42 pm Storm damage off Lake Wildwood Drive in Coaling. Trees and powerlines down.

6:03 pm Fultondale Fd responding for mutual aid with Mt Olive to the 5400 bl of Shady Grove Rd. Reporting multiple trees down.
5:59 pm Tree down in the roadway County Hwy 1 and Tim King Rd, Oneonta

5:40 pm Mt Olive Road: trees down and roof damage to homes, part of canopy at Exxon station damaged, traffic light appears to be missing. Also trees and powerlines down on Beasley Rd.

5:39 pm Mt Olive Rd is shut down for now until trees get cleared. Mt Olive Fd reporting a tree on a house & business in the 2400 bl of Mt Olive Rd. They are also reporting multiple trees down on Shady Grove Rd.

5:19 pm Waterbury Subdivision in southern Tuscaloosa County. Several homes and vehicles were damaged

5:18 pm A tree toppled over onto a home in the Coaling community in Tuscaloosa County. Crews are working to remove storm debris from Lake Wildwood Drive as well.

5:17 pm Damage south of Sweetwater. Tree and structural damage. Nicholsville Rd. Damage was trees down and structural damage to at least one mobile home.

5:16 pm Antioch Fd in Tusc Co reporting trees down on Burchfield Dr & Lock 17 Rd

5:15 pm Southernland Rd & Mt. Olive Rd area. Damage/trees down and on houses.

5:13 pm Damage Report from Hale County EMA

Hale County EMA
Hale County EMA

4:58 pm Trees have been cleared at Mink Slide Rd, Old Greensboro Rd, & Whitfield Crossing at Old Greensboro Trees are still down at South Rosser Rd. Blocked at Cutoff, South Rosser Rd between Kitchens Rd and Thomas Rd (Road blocked), & Indian Creek Rd.

4:57 pm Tree down in the vicinity of Shady Grove Road and AL 269 in West Jefferson

4:55 pm Trees blocking Lake Wildwood Dr in the Coaling area of Tuscaloosa County.

4:55 pm Tornado touchdown in the Brookwood community, NE of the county with trees and power lines reported down

4:54 pm Hale County - AL 69 S to Tuscaloosa County line several trees and power lines reported down. Tuscaloosa County - AL 69 S in Tuscaloosa to Hale Co. line. Several trees and power lines reported down

4:53 pm Dallas County - AL 14 East of Selma and Co Rd 80, reports of trees down and the roadway is completely blocked.

4:37 pm Moundville off of 69 South. Permission Ryan Lavender.

Ryan Lavender
Ryan Lavender

4:32 pm Tuscaloosa EMA reports to say away from South Rosser Road. Emergency crews on the scene.

4:31 om Hale County EMA reports 30 houses, businesses damaged in this an earlier tornado. No reported injuries. All roads have been reopened.

4:20 pm At this time no reports of damage in Jefferson County

4:05 pm Brookwood Fd is now reporting significant damage in the Lake wild wood community!

3:57 pm Via twitter - the Pickens County EMA Director "No damage nothing to report this first round."

3:56 pm Tuscaloosa Vol Firefighter is reporting a large oak tree down at Lake Wildwood. It has power line all wrapped in it.

3:35 pm Multiple Trees down at the following locations: Mink Slide Road, Old Greensboro Road, Whitfield Crossing at Old Greensboro, South Rosser Road blocked at cutoff, and South Rosser Road between Kitchens Road and Thomas Road it is blocked.

3:23 pm Tre and power line damage along with a heavy police presence in Moundville.

3:22 pm The train tracks in downtown Moundville are block by tress

3:22 pm HWY 69 South near the traffic light in Moundville, it is impassible

3:21 pm In Moundville, a mobile home is blocking Mink Slide Road

3:21 pm Several roads in northern Hale/Southern Tuscaloosa county are blocked due to trees.

3:02 pm Some businesses in downtown Moundville damaged. Roof damage to a number of houses in the city on both sides of the Tuscaloosa/Hale County line. No injuries reported by Hale County EMA

2:30 pm Reports of roof damage to several homes on the Tuscaloosa County side of the line with Hale County.

1:46 pm Hunting Lodge damaged on Co Rd 53, no injuries reported at this time

1:42 pm Multiple trees down on Co Rd 24 near Co Rd 37

1:37 pm Trees down across road on Autauga 24 one mile east of Autauga 37

1:27 pm Receiving report of trees down on Alabama Highway 28 at Moore Place Road

1:17 pm Numerous trees down, some power lines down, roof damage to one home, no reported injuries in Dallas County community of Burnsville.

12:58 pm Received report of  trees are down along Walker Road leading north and east form 17.

12:51 pm Received report of 20 or 30 trees down on Alabama 17 at Walker Road.

12:47 pm Received reports of trees down on AL17 at Walker Road in Sumter County (Siloam Community).

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