Every year, HGTV and its partners host the giveaway of a dream home.

It’s usually a house which has features that allow the winner to experience the greatness of everything the area has to offer.

As Alabama carries the nickname of being “The Beautiful,” our great state has some of the most alluring landscapes, scenery, and bodies of water. This makes our state an ideal location for nature lovers, fishermen, and artists.

Add in a winner being a sports lover, and Tuscaloosa could be an ideal location for a Dream Home Giveaway.

The following homes are stately, charming, and have outdoor entertainment spaces, acreage, or views that make them worth every penny.

16 HGTV-Worth West Alabama Homes

Each of these is a remarkable home, one anyone would love to have. So, it is unknown why the owners would be looking to sell, unless they're planning to relocate or they could be empty nesters, looking to downsize.

Whatever the case, these homes provide all of the basics of what each HGTV dream home contain: charm, individuality, and features that welcome homeowners to enjoy being home, which more homeowners realize is important as the COVID-19 pandemic causes everyone to spend more time at home.

While HGTV homes are often modified to include more of the designer's eye, each of these are move-in ready. However, that doesn't mean new homeowners can't make adjustments of their own to make the house their home.

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