If I can be honest for a moment, I admit that I have a problem with patience.  It's not that I am impatient with people, but I'm ALWAYS on the go.  So when I need something done, I don't want to stand in line.  And rarely am I able to make appointments and keep them.

With this in mind, I LOVE mobile businesses, especially when it comes to maintenance services.  For instance, I talk so much about Autotread because having someone to come to you and replace your tires is just awesome.  One of my coworkers was on the air while Tuscaloosa Mobile Oil Change serviced her vehicle in our parking lot.  And let's not talk about how many people use mobile car wash services!

Anyway, my point is that I don't like to wait because I'd rather do more with my time.  A few days ago, I wrote about how I need to replace the bulbs in my headlights. Again, something I don't want to wait to do but something I can't really afford to put off. So, I started to think....

My brother who works at Mercedes is off right now.  Why not get him to replace my lights while I'm working?  And since I was going to have to pay SOMEBODY, I can just give him that money.  You see where I'm headed, right?

This isn't the time for those of us who aren't plant workers to gloat in their demise.  Just as we've always come together in times of disaster, it is important for us to do what we can to help them maintain even now.  With that being said, (plant workers or not) what's your side hustle?

WHO does the best WHAT?

When there are things we need done and will have to pay someone anyway, why not pay our family, neighbors, and friends?

Anybody replace windows? Clean gutters? Basic lawn care? Service home or vehicle air conditioning? Lay tile?  Resurface hardwoods? Pressure wash? Tag them.

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