What is Considered a White Christmas?

I remember back when I was studying winter weather at Mississippi State University the discussion came up about what is considered a “White Christmas.” For meteorologists, it means 1 inch of snow on the ground during December 25. Technically, the snow doesn’t have to fall on the 25th it has to be visible.

Chances of a White Christmas in the South

Generally, Alabama is in the range of less than 5% of having a white Christmas. Sorry to break your heart with that news.

According to The Weather Channel, “some years, parts of the southern U.S. have marveled at the sight of a white Christmas. But it's been more than 10 years since a white Christmas was observed in most of the South.”

Maybe this is our year.


Alabamians Should Prepare for Below-Average Temperatures

James Spann, ABC 33/40, and Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Chief Meteorologist said that “bitterly cold arctic air will arrive across the Deep South just in time for the Christmas weekend.”

Some North Alabama communities could see lows in the single digits.

Temperatures could remain below freezing for 48-72 consecutive hours.

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We are closely monitoring Thursday, December 22 because of the potential for rain due to the arctic front.

“The reliable European global suggests there could be some risk of light snow following the frontal passage Thursday night, but it is way too early to know if it will be anything meaningful, or it if happens at all,” said Spann.

(Source) Click here to follow the Facebook Page for James Spann. For more from The Weather Channel, click here.

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