Considering the fact that I came to Tuscaloosa for college and ended up making it my home, I know the challenges faced by  residents when it comes to finding things to do that aren't related to the university in any way.

I can remember being a student at Stillman and hanging out at UA every now and then. But I wanted to know if current students feel the same way about life in Tuscaloosa.  So, I asked my intern, Erianna.


Here's what she had to say:


Tuscaloosa is a diverse college town that, unfortunately, lacks diversity in its activities for college age students. Many students that don’t attend the University of Alabama often share stories of boredom outside of football season. Some even travel to Birmingham to enjoy weekend activities that aren’t available elsewhere.


For the college age student in Tuscaloosa, there are clubs and bars, sporting events, chain restaurants, skating, painting, bowling, and movies for entertainment. But what is there to do for a student who doesn’t want to party every weekend? Or a student who cannot afford to pay for an event or outing all the time? Or maybe the student who enjoys calm music and a diverse food scene?


Tuscaloosa has so much potential, but the overall consensus is that there’s just not much to do. Students want options that don’t involve the same activities every weekend, because let’s be honest, it gets boring and repetitive. Though most of what Tuscaloosa lacks can be attributed to its population, there is always room to grow and create and even better entertainment scene not just for college students, but for people of all ages.

So, entrepreneurs, it appears that there's a whole demographic of potential customers who aren't being targeted.  Just something to consider.

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