What You Might Expect When Visiting The Doctor During COVID-19

I’m concerned about our communities during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Based on my experience, I believe that some people in our area are still not taking this pandemic seriously.  I had a doctor visit during this time, and it was very eye-opening.  I debated if I should tell you how I felt during the process leading up to the actual appointment.  But here we go.  I can explain my adventure to the doctor in dealing with others in one word > “disappointed.”


If your doctor’s appointment is a must during this coronavirus pandemic, please be sure to get your patience in check.  I would suggest calling ahead to find out if they have a pre-check before you go into the physical building, so you can budget in extra time to go through that process. Also, I would suggest inquiring if the doctor offers a phone call or virtual visit.


In my experience, before you could get into the actual office, outside, you were greeted by a health care professional that was slated to take your temperature and ask you a series of about ten questions.  There was an individual before me in the line to go through the pre-check process.  I was maintaining the social distancing as best I could.  The person that was after me was not.  I asked the person kindly to set up to the marked line on the ground.  They moved back and apologized.  The person in front of me was having a complete meltdown about getting their temperature taken and answering the list of questions.  Seriously, a total meltdown and SHOUTED that it was a violation of their personal rights.  WHAT???????  Really?  All over getting your temperature taken and answering questions.  My hunch is that they would have failed the questionnaire and would not have been able to enter the building and see her doctor.  Don’t be this person.

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