One little known fact about many recording artists is that they often know at least the basics of playing an instrument or two.  The two most common are guitar and piano.  Check out who we found putting their fingers to use.

So, in a conversation with Southern Soul artist Omar Cunningham, I mentioned how much I loved the sound of Calvin Richardson’s “Can’t Let Go.”  I told him that I loved the simplicity of the song, as a fan of acoustic guitar.  Then, Omar said, “That was probably Calvin playing that. You know he plays guitar, right?”

Heck no, I didn’t!  It’s not surprising, though.

He then went on to tell me where I could find a small video snippet of Calvin playing.  It was during a working session that included Calvin, Omar, and Sir Charles!


Cool, right? Who wouldn’t have loved to have been a fly on the wall while these guys were together? But yeah, there you have it. If you guessed that was Calvin Richardson, you’re a real fan!

(By the way, I checked the credits on his latest cd, and that’s not him on “Can’t Let Go,” but he probably could have played it himself if necessary.)

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