Working From Home?  Get A Video Conference Call Glow Up

We are all doing our very best in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.  This has resulted in many of us working from home.  Perhaps, in your line of work, you need to participate in video conference calls.  Well, get yourself a “Glow Up.”  Zoom is a pretty nifty video conference call software.  I use Zoom quite a bit and can’t wait to try out these filters and backdrops.  You can have an OG filter that softens your appearance.  You can have cool destinations has your background like the Golden Gate bridge.  There is a selection of images from West Elm that can give your room a different look.  Also, some filters provide you with flower freckles, dog ears, animojis, and more!  The Fast Company has a great article about this with step by step instructions, click here to check them out.  So, turn your chore of working from home, into a virtual adventure.  Your co-workers will start guessing where you will be for the next video call!

(Source) to review the full story from the Fast Company, click here. 

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