I've decided to start Workout Wednesday's. Each week I'll do a group workout class and let you all know how it went. I'll start posting pictures too. Please be mindful that I'm not some workout 'guru'. I'm actually convincing myself that working out is fun, instead of losing weight the fast way (surgery, diet pills,etc). I'm a normal person. I eat a lot of carbs and greasy foods, but health is truly wealth.

One thing I've learned, is that people don't turn 65 and just 'get' heart problems, It's because when they were younger they didn't take care of themselves. I'm taking care of myself now so that my future self can thank me.

Today, I did another 8:30AM class of kickboxing with Bea, Leah, and Dolores at Shelton State Community College. It wasn't as bad as the first class, but there's always room for improvement. I'm a lover, not a fighter - but it's always cool to kick or punch a bag around.

There are days that I won't eat the healthiest or workout to my best ability, but I'm going to try my hardest. I'm making you all my accountability partners. If you're interested in working out, feel free to e-mail me: info@meagtaylor.com

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