Fact: Going Live on Facebook is extremely popular.

Fact 2: NOBODY in Tuscaloosa goes Live like Sanyell!

Over the past few months, Sanyell Hinton has become wildly popular on Facebook.  I believe I first heard her name when she went Live while quitting her job at the Circle K.  Since that time, her social media presence has grown tremendously.  Each time she goes Live, she has upwards of 5,000 views.

Still though, some people don't know who she is and have only heard her name enough to question: Who is Sanyell?

You'll find out a lot more tomorrow, but what I can tell you today is that she goes by a few names, one of them being Hershey Dime.  She is very strategic and knows how to capitalize on gossip enough to use it as a stepping stone to accomplish another goal.  She's not afraid to ask questions, and when given instruction on how to do a certain thing, she doesn't procrastinate.

Is Sanyell a topic of ridicule? Regularly.  Does she care?  Not at all.  While many people watch, she's living and making money.  She's probably not how you think she is...Then again, she might be.  Find out for sure tomorrow, time to be determined.


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