Today,  as I prepared to go to Selma for Jubilee, I decided to wear my WTUG shirt and jacket. I wanted my 9-year-old to wear some station paraphernalia, too; but all of our shirts are XL. So, I got to work.

The first thing I did was I had Jireh to put on a shirt so I could eyeball how I'd cut it. Once I knew how it needed to be, she took it off,  and I got to cutting.

I then went to my sewing machine to create new seams.


After making it a smaller, 3/4 sleeve shirt, I added grommets. I had Jireh to use her hammer from the toolset she got for Christmas to "help" me.


Once the grommets were in, I strung purple and yellow ribbons through them just to add a little flair.  I had Jireh to try on the shirt again to determine how much needed to be cut from the bottom. In all honesty,  I should have done this step before closing the seams,  but oh well. The shirt turned out a little better than I expected, but most importantly, I put a smile on the face of my littlest biggest fan!


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