Townsquare Media has jumped head first into the Halloween holiday with the inaugural Bama Zombie Dash and the Main Avenue Mortuary (open until November 2). Now, our DJs are joining the fun with a staff pumpkin-carving contest!

We sent them home with a pumpkin and a dream and they returned with the creative artwork you see below. We're going to leave the vote to our listeners and let you decide which design is the best.

1. Monk

The most detailed of the entries, Monk put in some late hours after the Bama Zombie Dash carving this one and it looks great! He explains his idea and execution here.

Monk Pumpkin

2. Kimberly Madison

Kimberly put a unique twist on 'carving' when she created this 'Hamburger Pumpkin', but she didn't waste any materials when she roasted the pumpkin seeds and made them look like sesame seeds. She explains her motivation here.

Kimberly Pumpkin


3. Scott Shepherd

The traditional Jack 'O Lantern is on display with Scott Shepherd's entry. He used some inspiration from his son, Brody, to design the face. See the step-by-step pictures he took while carving it out. 

Scott Pumpkin


4. Greg Thomas

Greg sketched out the design for his pumpkin on paper before committing to carving. He wanted to capture 'spooky' so he carved out a ghost and that stands out at night.  Watch the process from start to finish.

Greg Pumpkin


5. Meg Summers

This design makes use of the entire pumpkin with a unique use of the stem. Meg had to use gloves during the process because "gourd guts are gross." Read more about her pumpkin and see her adorable daughter here.

Meg Pumpkin


6. Jade Nicole

We have to give Jade a ton of credit on the results of her first-ever carved pumpkin. Not only did she show off her personality with the face (eyelashes and a wink), but she worked in the radio station into the design.

Jade's Pumpkin


7. Charles Anthony

Another first-timer, Charles pulled out a traditional design with some input from a neighbor. This picture might not show it off well, but Charles added some extra detail by drawing hair on top of the pumpkin.

Charles Pumpkin


8. Ed Ramsey

Still enjoying that Alabama victory over Tennessee, Ed's pumpkin is enjoying a victory cigar. Bonus points go to Ed as well for working the station call letters into the design.

Ed's Pumpkin


Now it's your time to vote on your favorite. If you'd like to share your pumpkin photos, post them on our Facebook page!

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