Firefighters spent three hours Friday cutting a man’s penis free from a set of weights.The man somehow got his penis stuck inside a 2.6 kg weight plate, He went to a hospital, weight and all.

It may seem like common sense and something you would never, ever do – but this man has provided the perfect example of why it’s a terrible idea.

Because he was left in an extremely painful and embarrassing position when he realized he couldn’t remove it.
The man was initially taken to hospital on Friday morning, but doctors were unable to free him from the metal plate.

Eventually, he had to be sedated as firefighters using angle grinders, a saw and a hydraulic rescue device broke the weight to finally release the penis. Firefighters advised,

Please do not imitate such actions!

If you are a man, please do not put your penis inside one of those big round weights you see in the gym.

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