You may be wondering why the title is what it is, but after reading this you will fully understand.Just read about a woman who while overdosing on 'boy' (heroine) gave birth to a baby boy in a Burger King bathroom.

Now hold up, wait a minute, first a woman who knows she is pregnant decides to do a little heroine, that in itself is NOT what a sista' would do, at least 99% of the ones I know.

Second, to do that in a Burger King bathroom? Most sista's I know don't even want to go in the bathroom of a fast food joint even to relieve themselves.

Third, the person she was with was passed out behind the wheel of a running vehicle. How many sista's do you know that would be around a guy that wastes that much gas,does drugs and gets the police called on him and ultimately you? None that I know of.

The best thing about this is that the baby boy was found alive in the toilet and is expected to survive, although the child may now become part of the 'system'.

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