Today, I'd like to share a little message. I'll be coming from the Book of Jade, Chapter 8 Verse 1; and it reads

Thou shalt not be ashamed for someone where you are to see you in the same place.

And if I may use a subtitle, it would be: We're here for the same thing!

Often in life, we find ourselves doing things of which we are ashamed. Sometimes, it's a matter of upbringing and being taught that certain things are wrong. Other times, it's simply being ashamed of being in the positions we're in. We want people to think we're better than we are.

It's ok to want a good name and to not want to give anyone the opportunity to look down upon us. HOWEVER, if you're actually IN the place that brings you shame, know that the only people who see you there are the ones who are there themselves, those who are on their way, or those who just left.

So, to help those who feel uncomfortable about being seen certain places, let me help you out...

  • You're in the ABC Store... I'm in the ABC Store, too!
  • You're in the WIC office... I'm in the WIC office.
  • You're applying for food stamps... I'm applying for food stamps.
  • You're in debtors court... I'm in debtors court.
  • You're playing bingo... I'm playing bingo.
  • You're getting weight loss pills... I'm getting weight loss pills.
  • You're having an abortion... I'm having an abortion.
  • You're in the thrift store... I'm in the thrift store.
  • You're in the Salvation Army... I'm in the Salvation Army.
  • You're in jail....

Wait! Maybe that one doesn't apply since these apps and publications make it possible for everyone to see, but you get the point.

There is no way someone in the same position you're in can look down upon you. So, do what you do. Handle your business and don't worry about hiding. Go ahead and get the shame out the way.  Give them a little wave, or go and talk to them if you want. Break the ice. You're there for THE SAME THING!

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