A few days ago, I was going through a container of useless items. (That's how I feel about them.  If they've been in that container for over year, and I haven't gone to retrieve them, they might as well be trashed, which is what I was doing.)

Among the items I planned to trash was one thing I definitely wanted to keep: a $2 bill.

When my family moved to Alabama, one of our grandfathers gave us each a $2 bill. We were told that he'd gifted one to each of his grandchildren.  In all honesty, until that point I had no idea $2 bills existed.

I cherished that bill as if it was the last two dollars I would ever spend in life, as if when I spent it, it would mean I could no longer have any money.

At some point, I misplaced it. So, when I got another one in my hands numerous years later, I tucked it away for safe keeping.  It's seen better days for sure. When I obtained it, ink spots covered various places across the bill.


The day I came across my bill, I got the desire to obtain one for my daughter. Then, it dawned on me that they might not be in circulation anymore. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury, it is still in circulation though it is not printed as often as others. As a matter of fact, over $1 billion worth of $2 bills is said to be in circulation.

So, I'm going to get one for my daughter and hope she keeps it long enough to show her future children... Just in case the government decides not to print any more.

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