Did we just skip right past the spring season? It’s feeling like it. We had a few nice spring-like days and like everyone else, I’m waiting for true spring to show up.

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We can expect “a warmer-than-normal summer for most of the nation, or as the Almanac likes to call it – a “Summer Sizzler.” This is not great news, especially since last summer was ranked as the third-hottest summer in the last 128 years,” said Farmers’ Almanac.

Summer Is Looking Real Indoors for Me

See what this summer has in store for your state and your travel plans. This guide includes the Farmers’ Almanac summer 2023 forecast for the continental United States.


State-by-State 2023 Summer Weather Outlook Guide

Alabama: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Arizona: Sizzling and Arid

Arkansas: Sweltering with Tons of Thunderstorms

California: Sizzling and Arid

Colorado: Broiling and Wet

Connecticut: Scorching and Dry

Delaware: Scorching and Dry

Florida: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Georgia: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Idaho: Average Temperatures and Dry

Illinois: Warm-to-Hot plus Soggy

Indiana: Warm-to-Hot plus Soggy

Iowa: Broiling and Wet

Kansas: Broiling and Wet

Kentucky: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Louisiana: Sweltering with Tons of Thunderstorms

Maine: Scorching and Dry

Maryland: Scorching and Dry

Massachusetts: Scorching and Dry

Michigan: Warm-to-Hot plus Soggy

Minnesota: Broiling and Wet

Mississippi: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Missouri: Broiling and Wet

Montana: Broiling and Wet

Nebraska: Broiling and Wet

Nevada: Sizzling and Arid

New Hampshire: Scorching and Dry

New Jersey: Scorching and Dry

New Mexico: Sweltering with Tons of Thunderstorms

New York: Scorching and Dry

North Carolina: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

North Dakota: Broiling and Wet

Ohio: Warm-to-Hot plus Soggy

Oklahoma: Sweltering with Tons of Thunderstorms

Oregon: Average Temperatures and Dry

Pennsylvania: Scorching and Dry

Rhode Island: Scorching and Dry

South Carolina: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

South Dakota: Broiling and Wet

Tennessee: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Texas: Sweltering with Tons of Thunderstorms

Utah: Sizzling and Arid

Vermont: Scorching and Dry

Virginia: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Washington: Average Temperatures and Dry

West Virginia: Oppressive, Showery, and Thundery

Wisconsin: Warm-to-Hot plus Soggy

Wyoming: Broiling and Wet

(Source) Click here for more information from Farmers’ Almanac.

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