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DJ Black N Mild (Credit: 107 JAMZ/YouTube: Tha Antidote)
DJ Black N Mild
(Credit: 107 JAMZ/YouTube: Tha Antidote)

As we enter another week of COVID-19 watch and begin to experience mild symptoms of cabin fever (this does not indicate an illness, just in case you aren't familiar with the term), here's a reminder that we are not invincible.

One popular DJ in Louisiana is said to have died of pneumonia as a complication resulting from coronavirus. Click here for the full story.

In a Saturday afternoon briefing at the White House, it was suggested that the virus seems to be spreading more rapidly by younger generations who don't seem to be taking the issue seriously.

Hopefully, putting a relatable face to the death toll of the virus will bring about a change in that.

R.I.P. to Go DJ Black N Mild. Your death is not in vain, as it will undoubtedly bring light to the fact that life could change in the blink of an eye and that COVID-19 has no respect of person.

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