Leave your kids in the car, face charges of reckless endangerment.

That's exactly what happened to the mother and grandmother of an 8-month-old baby, who was left inside a locked car in a Walmart parking lot. Full story.

Most parents have considered leaving a sleeping child in the car while they "run in and out right quick," as it would seem to be more inconvenient to take the child inside. It is even more tempting when said child has been whining or crying and FINALLY goes to sleep. A quick nap could make it hard for the child to go back to sleep once business is done, but the nap may not be enough to keep the child from whining if he is still tired.
So, wanting to leave the baby in the car is understandable.

What ISN'T understood is why, if there were two adults, one didn't stay with the baby. If both had business to attend, they could have taken turns staying in the car.

Oh well.

They each face charges of reckless endangerment (a Class A misdemeanor).

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