Got plans to see Leon Bridges at the BJCC in April?  Travis Greene at Iron City in March?  How about anybody coming to Huntsville?  Not going to a show but plan to travel to a destination that takes you through Birmingham?  Whatever the case may be, there are about to be changes in your travel plans, specifically when it comes to travel time.

The Alabama Department of Transportation is planning to shut down I-20/59 in January, and drivers are asked to avoid the downtown area as much as possible.  Here’s the real kicker, though:  The road is expected to be closed for just over a year!  You read that right.  An entire year, plus some! (14 months to be exact)

According to, using Interstate 459 is highly recommended. Let’s put this into context.  If you’re leaving Tuscaloosa and going to the airport, it is suggested that you take 459 and then come back. But what if you’re leaving Tuscaloosa to go to Huntsville?

459 is NOT a fix for everything.  Guess we’d all better have our phones charged and GPS on standby.

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