The internet is filled with so many cleaning hacks. Some are old-school remedies that are put on display like they are new - new. However, I found something that is new to me, and it was a complete miracle.

I don’t enjoy cleaning. The way I look at it is that it has to get done. Seriously, who wants to waste time cleaning up. So, I subscribe to getting the cleaning tasks done most efficiently.

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A step to have more “me” time on the weekends involves handling household chores during the week. So, far I’m around 50% in getting those chores done. I know, I want more of my weekend. This week, I’m buckling down.

I’ve had this hard water stain in my toilet for a very long time. I’ve tried every scrub, paste, spray and whatnot but it’s still there, until now. So, to avoid wasting so much time cleaning, I’ve turned to TikTok to help me out.

You need to stop what you are doing, go to the store or add this to your shopping list. This $2 cleaning tool is a must-have in your cleaning arsenal. I don’t know how I’ve lived this long without it. We will file this under the TikTok made me do it. Let me turn you on the Pumie Heavy Duty Scouring Stick. It is a MIRACLE.

It’s my new cleaning toy. There are so many uses for it. This past weekend, I cleaned everything I could with it. The best part, there are no odors, it’s non-toxic, and it cleans the heck out of a stain.

Check out these TikTok videos that sold me on it.

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