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Shall a man rob God? Well, these definitely have a problem with taking from those attempting to serve Him.

The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office reports:

During the late night hours of Saturday July 20th, 6 separate churches were burglarized in the Fosters community. All churches suffered forced entry, vandalism, and theft. Evidence was recovered at the scenes by TCSO Crime Scene Technicians, and reports were taken by responding patrol deputies. As a precaution, extra patrols were set up for all churches within Tuscaloosa County. Investigators with the Criminal Investigations Division along with the Crime Suppression Unit developed suspects, and located them this morning. At the conclusion of the investigation, four subjects were charged with multiple counts of burglary. The motive was simple theft and vandalism. These four subjects are responsible for all the burglaries (6 in total), and no other suspects are at large. Two are juveniles and were committed to detention. The other two are adults and were taken to jail. There is no reason to believe that any other churches are in any danger from this group.

Josh Plowman 19 YOA 6 counts Burglary 3rd , $30,000 Bond
Zack Slaughter 18 YOA 6 counts Burglary 3rd , $30,0000 Bond

Well, vengeance may be The Lord's, but man is going to get that time and restitution!

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