I'm a sucker for those lists that pop up in your Facebook feed: 12 Doctors Describe the Strangest Things They've Seen in a Patient, 17 People Share Their Most Memorable Wedding Disasters...  You know the sort.

Well, I came across an article today that told stories of women sharing how crazy their mothers-in-law acted when they got pregnant.  Sounds like a "must read," right?  I mean, who DOESN'T like to hear crazy MIL stories to compare/contrast their own?

"Wow! I thought my MIL was horrible.  Mine is a saint compared to this one!" or "THAT'S your complaint?  If you think that's unreasonable, you'll never believe what MY MIL did!"

And those of us who have never had a mother-in-law take mental notes for what we just might have to deal with in the future.

Anyway, I'm reading the article and I scroll down to the comments (which vary on my phone versus PC). Here's the one that caught my eye and apparently the eyes of many others.


(Credit: Screenshot/Facebook[Minq])[/caption]Honestly, I'd never thought about it.  I can count on my fingers how many times I've attended baby and bridal showers. Yes, combined. It's not that I'm not into getting gifts for the expectant mother or bride-to-be.  I just don't think I have to sit in a room for an hour or two with people I don't know and play games to win dollar store prizes just so everybody can see what I got the guest of honor.  Not when I can be doing my laundry, detailing my car, or any of the other 113 things on my to-do list that always go neglected.....

Unless they have meatballs and little smokies.  Meatballs and little smokies change the game entirely.  I might buy a case of both diapers and wipes if your invitation includes the line "Refreshments include meatballs."

Anyway, I remember when I was pregnant and my friends asked about throwing me a baby shower. I really didn't know what to say or do.  Of course they asked me some things about my preferences, but when I tried to jump in and help, they flat out refused. Told me to put them in contact with my sister, who would be helping to organize it.

But what happens when you're a homebody or you don't have many friends outside your family?  Should your family not throw you a shower?  What are your thoughts?

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