My Dad, known to some as Bud, but to many in the Birmingham area as the "Jamz Man."  I moved my parents to Alabama in 2008 when my deaf father was loosing his eyesight.  However, even before they became Alabama residents, during their visits my father would go around town saying he was the "957 JAMZ - Jamz Man." He said it got him "in" with the ladies, larger portions at local restaurants, free desserts, and lots of hugs.  Of course my mother didn't mind the fringe benefits of her hubby being the "Jamz Man."   Yet another reason why Alabama means so much to me.  You were so kind to my parents.  I think they were more popular than me!  LOL

My father was a loving and fun guy and always had a unique perspective on life.  I clearly remember some advice he gave me long ago, when I found out there was a person at work spreading lies about me (who I had actually helped get a job) ... he told me, "who cares" ... let them lie.  It's a reflection of their character and not yours.  His advice continue to say Be Nice BUT don't be a fool either .... and his recipe for life was this ... "YOU TREAT ME NICE. I TREAT YOU NICE. YOU TREAT ME BAD. I TREAT YOU NICE. BUT, I DON'T GO LOOKING FOR YOU - TO BE NICE TO YOU."

I don't know who needed to hear this today but there you go!  Be Nice BUT Not a Fool!

Smooches, @MaryKRadio

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